The Win: ETHS Basketball vs New Trier

This is a documentary about my high school's basketball game against our rival. I tried to capture the sense of pride and unity in our diverse community. It went viral in my community and was shared on Facebook about 200 times. This video was filmed on my Nikon D5500 using a Glidecam HD-2000 and a shoulder rig. There are also a few drone shots from a DJI Phantom 4 I borrowed from my school. I edited the video using Adobe Premiere CC and Adobe After Effects CC. I also used Photoshop on the photo animations.


City of Bikes

This is a video about Amsterdam. I subtly focused it on the abundance of bicycles in the city. I tried to use the music to help tell a story. This video was filmed on my Sony RX 100 Mark V with a Zhiyun Crane-M stabilizer. I edited this video in Adobe Premiere CC and also worked heavily in Adobe After Effects CC. I really tried to use this video to experiment with a lot of animations/effects I could add in After Effects.



I made this film at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. The video was filmed entirely on my phone with a DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizer. A special app on my phone helped me control the pictures. I tried to capture the essence of the occasion. It was edited in Adobe Premiere CC.


Mandatory Minimum Sentences

This documentary is meant to be a trailer discussing mandatory minimum sentences. It was completed as an assignment for my AP US History class. I researched the topic and then put together both historic and current footage to make this video. I edited it in Adobe Premiere CC.


Torque Riverwalk Promotional Video

This video was made during my summer internship at a digital marketing company. They asked me to film and edit a video about Chicago's developing riverfront. The text in the video was prepared by the company's copywriter. I used the company's Canon 6D to film and edited using Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects.


New Orleans

In this film I tried to capture the spirit and music of New Orleans. I filmed it entirely on my phone which I put on a stabilizer and edited in Adobe Premiere CC.


Amsterdam 3D

This is an experimental slideshow that consists of animated photos. I employed a combination of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to animate the photos.


Sparklers Cinemagraph

This is a cinemagraph which is a cross between a photo and a video. It is designed to loop continuously. I made this by filming a short clip of myself holding a sparkler. Then I froze the whole video except for the sparkler, and I made the sparkler fade and loop.





This photo of a Catalonian fire run was selected for an exhibit as part of a local high school photography competition. I took this photo on my Nikon D5500 and edited it entirely in Lightroom.


Golden Gate

I won an honorable mention award in a Chicago areawide high school photography competition with this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. I used a special lens known as a "Lensbaby" to get this photo tilt-shift effect and edited in Lightroom.



Taken on my Nikon D5500 in Monterey, California. Edited in Adobe Lightroom.


Straw Hat

This is a still life I did on my Nikon D5500. Edited in Adobe Lightroom.


The Loop

This was taken on my Nikon D5500 in Chicago and edited in Adobe Lightroom.


Light Ray

This photo was taken by zooming in on a Chihuly sculpture while doing a long exposure. Taken on my Nikon D5500, edited in Adobe Lightroom.



I got the ambient lighting effect in this photo using my "Lensbaby" lens which is similar to a tilt-shift. Taken on my Nikon D5500, edited in Adobe Lightroom.



Taken on my Nikon D5500 at the Bundestag in Germany. I edited this in Adobe Lightroom.

Additional Photos