About Me


I’m a 19-year-old filmmaker and photographer from Evanston, Illinois and I attend Brown University as part of the class of 2022. My knowledge of filmmaking and photography is largely self-taught. This past summer I did freelance work and the previous summer I interned last summer at Torque, a Chicago marketing and branding agency. One of my favorite filmmakers is Christopher Nolan. His groundbreaking film, Inception, captivated me when I was ten, and I fell in love with filmmaking. The music I use often influences the way I tell a story through my films, and I carefully map out the film sequences before beginning the process of editing. Although I make many videos for myself, I also have experience doing professional filmmaking and photography. I use a Sony A7III and a Sony RX100 Mark V for my work and edit my films in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The photo editing is done using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I challenged myself to take a photo, edit, and upload it every day for a year when I was 14 and these photos can be viewed under the Best of 365 (entire 365 in Archive) section of my website. My photos have appeared in an Adobe promotion for Lightroom, local newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, and WFMT radio’s website.

Sizzle Reel


New one coming, check back soon

new one coming, check back soon